What happened to my caramel?

Dear Willy Wonka,

As the expert on all things sweet, I turn to you for an answer to this perplexing question – what happened to my caramel?

Why has a perfectly delicious flavour sensation for those of us with a sweet tooth (and very few vices) have to be ruined with a savoury condiment?

The World According to Barb - what happened to my caramel - salted caramel

My own brief research has turned up the fact that the French are to blame, inventing a salted caramel macaron in the late 1990s, but of course, the Americans had to pounce upon this food cult and take it to the next level.

Then apparently Häagen-Dazs introduced a reserve brand of salted caramel ice cream in 2008; six months later Starbucks began selling salted caramel hot chocolate.

The rest is history and continues to be a source of aggravation to true caramel connoisseurs all around the world, like me.

Please work your magic dear Willy and bring back my good old fashioned caramel, sans salt.

Yours sweetly,


The World According to Barb - what happened to my caramel, salted caramel


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